“Creative disruptor driving path-breaking research, teaching and outreach projects… exploding traditional disciplinary boundaries and bringing new audiences into the conversation about building a better future.”

                             - Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination


“Visual visionary...”

                             - Live Design International magazine

I collaborate on original works

that are multidisciplinary and technologically inventive.


My work combines the simple, traditional forms of storytelling

with interactive digital media technologies.


To engage the imaginations and hearts of a 21st century audience.

photo by Matthew Ragan

My practice is grounded in embodied, theatrical, cinematic, gaming, and interactive storytelling techniques. I blur the boundaries between disciplines and experiment with how these disciplines’ varied techniques partner with each other to create narratives in physical, digital, and hybrid AR/VR environments. I investigate how centuries-old theatrical storytelling devices and the newest, digital media and technology work together - in both low-tech and high-tech methods. I center technology, digital theories, and interdisciplinary techniques into the very meaning-making/dramaturgy of the work being created.


I recognize my privilege, the opportunities that I have been provided, and the doors that were/are opened for me because of my gender identity, sexual orientation, the shade of my skin, and my physical and mental abilities. I am dedicated to providing these same opportunities, support, and paths for success for everyone, especially those who have been traditionally excluded and for whom the human-made world has not traditionally been constructed.

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